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About Us


Scilestial comes from the combination of words: “Science” and “Celestial”. Scilestial’s highest vision is to exist as a catalyst in humanity’s on going quest for virtuous unity by producing fiction and nonfiction media that encourages and cultivates enlightenment.


Scilestial proposes a wider spectrum of unity, removing the walls between

With nearly a quarter of a century in alloplastic and re-constructive technology innovations from our founder alone, our past innovations are only just the beginning.


To see some of Kaczkowski’s alloplastic technologies, click above. Kaczkowski’s new bio-technical and hybrid technologies are currently in R&D

Kaczkowski's research laboratory is developing new medium experiences utilizing audio, visual and tactile sense perception.


The Kaczkowski team of multimedia experts creates engagement through human-centered design approaches, compositions and narratives that are


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